Selling Your Home Checklist

Kevin & Melissa of The Gilroy Group Real Estate Agents outline a Seller’s Checklist

Selling Your Home Checklist Selling Your Home Checklist

Preparing a residential property for sale along with crafting a custom marketing plan, a strategic pricing strategy and listing to close within a specified timeline with a substantial return takes a very sharp and skillful team of real estate agents.  It’s an Art!  Let’s paint the picture.

   1) PLAN

    It’s so very true.  “If we fail to plan… we plan to fail.”

    So, let’s outline a basic plan defining how we will go about selling your home.

Here’s a few questions to get you thinking of some possibilities.

    Do we need to know the climate of the market and if so, do we need to consider if it fits into our timeline?

   Does Price come into play?   Could we end up with less if we list too high?  THE ANSWER TO ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS  IS  YES!

   So now we start to see that the most important factors are, How Much Time Do We Have? Do We Need to Sell Now? AND…At What Price?


Once we have established a timeline we can begin to apply our knowledge and experience along with the market stats to hit our goal – The Highest Possible Net in your pocket at closing. That all comes with well planned marketing.


Once we have a timeline and price point we can define where we’ll enter the market. You determine when you need to list and close and we’ll run with it!

Selling your home at the right time and at the right price requires consideration of key market factors. That’s where we come in. We will personally handle the entire process so as to create a smooth win win transaction for all parties.

Mar Vista Area Map


The perfect scenario would be to have ample time to plan ahead. We schedule the listing timeline to prep the property for shooting pictures and videos, designing a personal property web site, preparing copy for ads and launching the first Open House and  Brokers Open for local Realtors.

The Brokers Open we hold on Tuesday’s from 11am to  2pm. This is when we have a caravan showing for all the local real estate agents from all the different brokerage firms. Then we’ll follow with our first Open House on the following Sunday. If we plan and hit the right price point, we will have multiple offers the following week. It’s a little like ebay. You get two or more qualified (Pre-Approved) Buyers (w/ proof of funds) bidding up the price and the plan for the highest possible return becomes reality.


3)  STRATEGY – This is where our experience comes in.  Let’s break it down.

  • THE MARKET  – What’s the competition…other homes for sale down the street and in the local area.

(Side-bar….When you list with an agent that has many listings in your neighborhood… you could be doing yourself a disservice?)

        What were the recent local sales? We’ll run a detailed analysis of current comps. Together we’ll be able to clearly see the range for a strategic price point.

We literally have 20 yrs of knowledge in this area. We live here in Mar Vista and we know the Westside. We also know and have worked with most of the real estate agents on the Westside. You can trust that Kevin & Melissa of The Gilroy Group Real Estate Team know how to bring in and close buyers.

  • CURB APPEAL –  All eye sores be-gone!  We’ll investigate the neighborhood. It’s the pink and green house directly across the street that could be a problem. Don’t laugh, but we have gifted a paint job to a broke neighbor to attract buyers and net an extra 1 percent. Around here that’s 12,ooo extra dollars. Follow?
  • TITLE – The first order of business is to pull title and carefully review everything on county record. WHY?  Because you may have a cloud on your title and if you do, it won’t be the kind of cloud that will upload/backup your pix. We need to insure your title is clear, NOW, not in the buyers investigations after we open escrow.

Example: Think about this point. Our Westside Market is very unique compared to the rest of the US. The land, a 50 x 100 ft. lot is worth a million plus and the home a few hundred thousand. So 1 percent is 12 to 14 k.  When we have a 2 to 5 percent swing in negotiating that’s approximately $50,000!  Spending a few thousand to clinch a few points from curb appeal is a big deal!

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