Selling Your Home

A note from Kevin & Melissa – The Gilroy Group Real Estate Team.

“We will be here for you during and long after the sale of your home. Our clients become life-long relationships.”


Melissa and I have a tremendous wealth of experience available to you.  I’ll briefly touch on a few points.

  • I’m a CA licensed broker, but I obtained my first sales associate licence to sell real estate in Oklahoma City, OK in 1979. At the time, my father, a broker and my mother who had just agreed to help restructure the Real Estate Commission, felt that it was a good idea for young George Kevin to study for the state exam that she was rewriting. And no, I got no help. My first transaction was negotiating with my seller’s lender to separate two cross-collateralized properties to allow the buyer from Syntec Corp in Dallas, TX to acquire the 427 unit apartment complex. The other property was a 40 story office building. That was my first transaction over 25 years ago.
  • Since 1994 I have been managing seven apartment buildings on Barrington Ave in Mar Vista,CA building a rich pool of vendors and contractors.
  • Since 2004 I’ve taken my license status from “Sales Associate” to “Broker” in the state of CA.
  • Melissa obtained her first real estate license in Rhode Island and became agent of the year. Her experience working with architects, builder/developers, stagers and interior design professionals have made Melissa an extremely valuable consultant.  When it comes to listing and selling luxury homes, Melissa is definitely a sellers agent of choice.
  • Between the two of us we have more experience than any owner will ever need to successfully get top dollar from the sale of their property.


“YOU” are a Key Player on the Home-selling Team

Here are some ways your participation can contribute to a successful sale:

  •  Maintain the property in ready-to-show condition.
  •  Try to be flexible in the scheduling of showings. Many Buyers need to make a decision in a very short time frame.
  • When you are not at home, let us know how you can be reached in case an offer is received.
  • Remove or lock up valuables, jewelry, cash and prescription medications.
  • If approached directly by a buyer who is not represented by a real estate professional, please contact us. Do not allow them into the property unescorted.
  • If  it’s a vacant property listing, ensure that the house is easily accessible to real estate professionals (lock box and key) If Applicable!  Usually applies to our REOs.

How Will Buyers See Your Property

It is important for a property to make the best possible impression on prospective buyers.

The following can interfere with a buyer’s appreciation of a property:


  • Clutter
  • Lawn needs mowing and edging
  • Untrimmed hedges and shrubs
  • Dead and dying plants
  • Grease or oil spots on the driveway
  • Peeling paint
  • Anything that looks old or worn


  • Worn carpets and drapes
  • Soiled windows, kitchen, baths
  • Clutter
  • Pet and smoking odors
  • Peeling paint, smudges or marks on walls

Show Off Your Home Every Time

These tips can help your house make the best impression, every time it is previewed by sales professionals or shown to prospective buyers:


  • Remove toys, newspapers, yard tools and other clutter.
  • Tidy up; pick up after pets.
  • Park vehicles in the garage or on the street; leave the driveway clear.
  • Add color with flowers and potted plants.


  • Make beds; clean up dishes; empty wastebaskets.
  • Remove clutter throughout and put away toys.
  • Set out “show towels” in baths.
  • Freshen the air; potpourri or baked bread aroma; deodorize pet areas; set a comfortable temperature.
  • Do quick vacuuming and dusting.
  • Arrange fresh flowers throughout.
  • Fire in fireplace (when appropriate).
  • Play soft background music.

Selling Your Home – How Can We Help You

We will apply our knowledge and expertise to achieve the successful sale of your property. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • We will work with you at every stage of the home-selling process, from the development and implementation of a Marketing Plan, through the negotiation of purchase offers, to the final settlement of the transaction.
  • We will want to agree to a system of regular communication so that you can be kept informed at all times.
  • We will give you reliable information and solid advice so that you can make informed decisions.
  • It is our hope that you will be so pleased with our service that you will turn to us for advice on your future real estate needs.

Home Selling Chat

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions with no obligation whatsoever. As always, we’re here for our clients…before, during and after the sale.
  • Feel free to fill this out in order to give us a general idea about your home selling situation.